CRLA online teaching is GREAT!  I chose to use it because I travel extensively and “taking a course” is very difficult.  I found the flexibility I need with CRLA.  I have taken two sets of ten classes of one hour each using Skype, and I plan to continue.  My professor, Lorena, is skilled, well-organized and interested in my learning needs.  She designs Imaginative, effective experiences that address issues and promote learning.  We have a regular schedule suited to my needs, and when unexpected changes happen, we’re able to be flexible.  The cost is reasonable – especially given the high degree of personal attention. I would recommend this program with NO hesitation or reservations.  Given the current situation of global contagion, it is a perfect solution to continuing education and growth in the Spanish language.

Sandy Conant
Sandy Conant, Costa Rica

I have had the privilege of attending CRLA both in person and online since 2018.  The entire staff is helpful and kind.  The instructors are all fantastic and I highly recommend them.  CRLA has been an integral part of my journey of improving my Spanish and cultural competence.  Pura Vida!

Monica Judy
Monica Judy, USA

I am extremely satisfied with CRLA. You continue to be very professional and my questions are always answered promptly. My teacher Stephanie is excellent. She is always well prepared and patient. My needs are being met and I do not hesitate in recommending this institution.

Yours truly,

Glendine Kerwood
Glendine Kerwood, Trinidad & Tobago

I had a one week Spanish course early this year. After coming back home I decided to continue my Spanish course with CRLA online. Luckily I have Evelyn as my teacher who is very nice, patient and creative so that I have a lot of fun to learn Spanish. The book from CRLA is also systematic and contain very interesting exercises. It was never boring to learn with the book. Anyway Evelyns knows also many other interesting exercises. I must say I learned a lot and would be happy to continue the online course and come back to Costa Rica again once the travel restriction will be demolished.

Hui Zhao
Hui Zhao, Germany

I like the flexibility of the program that allows my son to learn Spanish according to what works best for his schedule. He also is really enjoying learning about another country and speaking to someone from another country. It really helps him to gain a more global perspective.

Tamara Goldie
Tamara Goldie, USA

I have wonderful memories of the CRLA Spanish immersion course I took with a Road Scholar group. Besides the excellent learning opportunities presented, I met many vibrant and caring people through CRLA. An added bonus was the opportunity to see some of beautiful Costa Rica firsthand. Following that excellent experience, when I returned home to Canada I registered for online classes. The teachers I had were very professional and tailored classes to suit my needs. As a result of this one-on-one online learning experience, I feel much more confident communicating in Spanish when I travel to Peru each year. I have a great appreciation for the quality of education offered by CRLA both onsite and online and I would recommend the experience to others.

Gayle Desarmia
Gayle Desarmia, Canada

After experiencing 7 Spanish language schools in a variety of Spanish-speaking countries, I am a fan of CRLA, finding CRLA’s materials and teachers to be the best.

I spent two weeks at CRLA’s San Jose campus; I began CRLA on-line classes three years ago, and plan to continue.

My CRLA teachers have been well educated, gracious, and well versed in both English and Spanish grammar. The books offer accessible instruction and exercises. I look forward to my lessons and consider my instructor a friend.

Don Ronaldson
Don Ronaldson, USA

CRLA feels like home! What an incredible opportunity to take structured Spanish classes with a diverse curriculum, pre-test baseline and continued support to learn this beautiful language. The professors are encouraging, the office staff are helpful with any onsite/host family needs and the garden area is perfect for having a cup of coffee, studying or relaxing. Even hummingbirds fly by the classroom windows. I have also taken online classes via Skype and it feels like a “power hour” of learning. I am grateful for CRLA and the high level of language classes I received.

Fatima Hassan
Fatima Hassan, USA

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